We produce your packaging designs using high-quality flexo printing

Do you appreciate the advantages of a family and owner-managed company? Is optimal print quality for your packaging designs a matter of course for you? Do excellent service and cooperative and solution-oriented collaboration play a decisive role for you? Then you’ve come to the right place! We specialise in high-quality printing and finishing of packaging film for the food industry. Take a look at a detailed overview of our range of services. More

Our water-based printing colours

With our water-based printing inks, we can create more environmentally friendly packaging that has a significantly lower CO2 footprint in comparison with conventional printing processes using solvent-based inks. With the introduction of our water-based printing inks in the spring of 2015, we were the first to use film interlayer printing. More

Our new laser perforation

The demands of packaging are varied and are always based on the individual properties of the product to be packed. But the demands of the consumer are equally important. For consumers, it is crucial that the packaging is not only safe, but also easy to open. This is where our laser perforation technology comes in. More

Top 10 technical application questions

Is your film delaminating and you can’t explain why? Is your lid film difficult to separate from the inner film despite peel? We have the answers to your questions! Our top 10 list includes the most frequently asked technical application questions. More